August 28, 2018

Dizziness on Standing May Indicate Future Dementia or Stroke

Many people experience dizziness on standing, but if you find yourself repeatedly feeling lightheaded when you rise, you may be at greater risk for dementia or stroke in the future.

Dizziness on standing or Orthostatic Hypotension (OH) is defined by the AAFP as a decrease in systolic blood pressure within minutes of rising from a sitting or supine position. Research has been unable to pinpoint the cause of the condition thus far, but some studies show OH can be a symptom of vascular diseases, other conditions, and even a side effect of some medications.

In a recent study conducted over the course of 25 years, nearly 12,000 middle-aged adults were observed, and around 500 of these adults were reported to have OH at the beginning of the study. By the end of the 25-year stretch, scientists found that people with OH had a 54 percent higher chance of developing dementia and more than double the chance of experiencing stroke.

While experts do not consider occasional dizziness on standing a cause for panic, they do suggest a visit to the doctor if lightheadedness occurs repeatedly. Regular visits to keep your vascular health in check and monitor your medications are best.

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