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You want the best for your loved one — the best staff, the best environment and the best features. And there are certain things you’re looking for in a senior living community that you’re never going to be willing to sacrifice. But you also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. We know how you feel, because we have been helping people just like you find the perfect community for their loved ones.

As you begin comparing communities, take time to weigh which factors are most important to you. For example, does your loved one need to live in a location close to you or another family member? Does your loved one have any special requests or desires, like wanting to bring their pet? Each community has its own list of perks or amenities — you just want to make sure they match up with your needs.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Your Loved Ones:

Do they require in-home caregivers?
Are they unable to maintain their own home?
Do they forget to take prescriptions and medications?
Do they have difficulty bathing?
Do they need help getting dressed?
Do they need help with the housekeeping?
Do they need help with laundry?
Has walking become a difficulty?
Are they unable to climb stairs?
Do they require frequent calls or visits to their physician?
Do they experience frequent Emergency Room visits?
Do they have a history of falling?
Are they not eating properly or skipping meals?
Is there nearby help in case of emergencies?
Have they become dependent on family and friends?
Are they afraid to be alone?
Are they feeling Isolated or lonely?
Are they unable to drive?

If any of the above circumstances are effecting you and your loved ones then schedule a call with Summerfield to receive your guided tour of our facilities.